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I'm a husband and father of three. I love swimming at the beach - am completely obesssed with photography, to the point where my friends get sick of me talking about it. Have recently learnt that I can actually leave the house without a camera and still function. I am good with my hands and love making things from timber. I get a real rush from finding new places to take clients for photos and I'm a firm believer that you don't need exotic locations to create awesome and inspiring images. That sounds like a sales pitch but I really do love it! I love change and see it as an essential part of life and work. I'd hate to be stuck in a rut. Give me open spaces, new places and fresh faces!

Below is a list of answers to questions asked often by clients.

How long have you been a professional photographer?

I first started photographing weddings in 2007. I had been working at the Northern Star newspaper as an Ad Designer, which was an ok job but not what I was meant to do in life. I had been involved with photography for a few years when I discovered that a friend's sister was not going to hire a photographer for her wedding and a real sense of obligation came over me. The images I was capturing would one day be a priceless look back into time, so they had better be good right? Since then this feeling has grown even stronger. Being a photographer is something I enjoy greatly and a responsibility I don't take lightly.

How many photos do we get?

For weddings, I work to a rough estimate of 100 per hour and although it's generally higher, I prefer to give a minimum as a guide. About 50 images are taken for a normal portrait session. Don't worry - there will be a lot of images to choose from!

Will you travel insterstate and overseas?

Photographing weddings and portraits on the Northern Rivers of NSW (see the pricing page for a more precise area of coverage) is my preference, so as for travelling interstate and overseas... generally I won't but if you really like my work and want me to travel, please send an email and we can discuss whether this is a possibility. A guide to travel costs is flights, 2 nights accomodation and 3 day car hire with insurance.

Do you photoshop all your pictures?

It depends. Many photos do not need a lot of editing other than colour adjustments, a bit of brightness, contrast etc. I do photoshop work to edit an image that needs a little extra help to look it's best. Brides often ask if it's possible to remove any blemishes that may appear on their wedding day and this can easily be done and is included as part of the service. Always remember that you should not have a permanent reminder of a temporary pimple! I avoid making it 'look' like your photos have been edited. Natural and realistic looking photographs are preferred, with perhaps a few minor touch ups.

How long until we receive our photos?

For portrait sessions, it will generally be around 2 weeks. Weddings take around 4 weeks.

Do you have a second photographer?

All of the photographs on this site are by me, Dean Turner. In the past I have worked with an assistant photographer or second shooter, however I much prefer to work by myself as I am very self sufficient in how I operate. If you feel that you are wanting a second photographer for your wedding, please contact me and I can possibly arrange something for you.

How would you describe your style?

Iconic, candid and a bit of classic. The colours in my photographs are natural, fresh and bright. I always try for strong compositions that make subjects stand out from the background and capture the surroundings and ambience of the moment. Candids are also a favourite way to capture people - people often do things very differently (and better for the most part) when they don't realise they are being photographed.

Will you make us pose for photos?

Usually no! Most of the photography clients receive is not posed. There are some situations where a shot is set up and you may be asked to stand or sit in a certain area but you'll be encouraged to interact with one another in a way that feels natural to you. It's a good combination that results in great photos with natural expressions.

Can I get an album? Can we get smaller parent albums?

Yes and Yes! If you are interested in an album, we can discuss all the options available and show you our display pieces. After your wedding photographs are ready, we can then start on making up a proof of what your album will look like. This is a highly interactive process and we work closely with you to design a beautiful album that you'll just be itching to show off to friends and family!

What type of camera gear do you have?

I love the range of lenses available for the Canon system, which are the pieces of equipment that really do the most to help me create the images. I've used a few different cameras over the years but I have never used one better than what I currently have: The 5D Mark III. I think it's so good that I've just got to have two of them.

↑ Yours truly - kitted up and ready to rock - Credit: Jed Grace